Welcome to Luigi Convertini Couture

Luigi Convertini, in April 2019 the new Couture collection is presented in Milan and Barcelona

Welcome to Luigi Convertini Couture: in a world that is increasingly losing its authenticity, coming back to the roots is a real innovation.

Luigi Convertini introduces the brand new Couture line, entirely Made in Italy, which is going to be presented in April 2019 at the bridal exhibitions in Milan and Barcelona

The design and creation of formal suits is strictly connected to emotions and memories. The custodians of the feelings related to the most important day of our lives are often photographs, collected in those large family albums. Leafing through those albums, you go back in time and that feeling is similar to the one you feel caressing fine fabrics: an experience strongly linked to our roots. From these feelings comes the desire to create a collection that identifies with the characterizing and defining factor of our Country, the Made in Italy.

This is how the Couture line by Luigi Convertini was conceived and produced in Italy. A collection which represents a bridge between tradition and innovation, combining the quality of the fabrics with the sartorial originality of the creations and the reliability of a brand that has been focusing for years on high professionalism and competence.

Luigi Convertini Couture imagines three men:

– Baroque: brocade fabrics that evoke fairytale atmospheres. It is addressed to the modern Prince Charming who sees his woman as a pure soul to protect and cuddle.

– Prêt-à-porter: fine fabrics and a minimalist and sober cut. It is designed for a man who  is inspired by a James Bond on his wedding day, focusing on mystery, charm and elegance.

– Fashion: how to amaze in the choice of fabrics, lines and colours.

A style addressed to the contemporary man who does not fear competition and is a real charmer. The suits of the new Couture collection are going to be presented next April at two important exhibitions: Sì Sposaitalia Collezioni 2019 in Milan and Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2019, in the beautiful Catalan city.